Interview with Julia and Venere

Julia and Venere have approximately the same age and they both work in discos. They both have a dancing background and, although they are different, they get on really well together. At least they do when they don’t fight!

These two women already had several matches and they always give it all to win. After the match, they seem to love each other. How weird.

Julia, how did you start wrestling?

I am very open minded and when I met Female Combat Stars, I decided to give it a go. I trained hard and found it very interesting and useful.
I know I must improve but I am pretty strong for my size and I am a fast learner. I know my performance will get better and better.

How about you Venere?

I started with Female Combat Stars. I had never done any combat sports but I am naturally aggressive and competitive. I am not heavy but I have stamina and I am extremely tenacious. I can’t wait to do my first catfight.

Have you ever had a catfight with another woman?

J: twice. The first time I was slapped by another woman. It was an argument in the disco, she was bigger than me and I did not react. My cheeks were burning and I felt so bad. A couple of years I had a catfight over a parking space and in that case, I pulled her hair and sat on her stomach. We were separated by I won that one.

V: Just once. It was a raw over a guy. She was bigger than me but I used my nails. In the end, she was almost in tears.

Who is the stronger woman between you two?

J: Hard to say. I don’t want to reveal the results of our matches. We are pretty even but Venere is incredibly quick and she never gives up. Maybe I have stronger arms but her legs are terrible. She caught me in several scissors and I did scream. I really like the way she fights and her determination but, as I said before, I know I will improve and she should be worried.

V: We are very even. She is strong and she knows how to grapple. I must leverage on my quickness and I like to use my legs. Our matches were very intense. All I can say is that in one of them, there was a winner.

How does it feel to win and lose?

J: Winning or hearing your opponent’s magic words is so great! It makes you feel dominant and you know that the training was useful. Usually when I submit, it means that I cannot take it anymore. I do my best to resist and I hate to lose. However, I do love to put up a show and I try to be sexy when I win but or also when I get defeated.

V: I did not imagine how fantastic it can be to beat someone in a wrestling match until I tried. I like to pose on my defeated opponent and pose. During some of the matches my boyfriend was there to watch and I felt so much energy.
I also tasted defeat. I accepted it because I knew I did my best but while I lay down, with my opponent posing on me, I already think about a rematch!


What do you think about rivalry between women?

J: Rivalry is rivalry. However men can be rival and become friends after 10 minutes. Women are evil and can really hate each other. I am not nasty or anything but when I fight, I want to prove to my opponent that I a tougher, stronger and….sexier. The girls at Female Combat Stars are nice and outgoing but of course we all want to be the best. Venere is different. In a catfight she would probably beat me up because she is more aggressive but she is smart and she knows that in a wrestling match I can win. We talk a lot and we share our experiences. We even support each other when we fight someone else. But if it’s us on the mats, we immediately forge tour friendship.

V: I must admit that Julia is lovely. She is a nurse and you can talk to her about anything. Having said that, If I must fight her, I want to make her scream. I love when my rival calls me names, it multiplies my strength. Rivaly between women is deep and intense. Fighting is the best way to prove who is the best.

What is your main strength and your weakness?

J: My main strength is the fact that I keep cool and never lose control. I always think of a strategy to subdue my opponent. I am fit and train a lot and I believe I am pretty good in difence as well.
My weakness? MMMM I find it hard to find a good finisher. I need to learn the finishing moves better.

V: My legs…no doubts. My legs are thin and I am light but I can squeeze very hard and I am extremely flexible. Probably my weakness is associated to my weight, when I get pinned I waste too many energies and can get frustrated.

What do you think about Female Combat Stars?

J: I love it. I know that people will watch the videos and right now, we are preparing to do catfights and mixed matches. I like the ideas of having fans watching me and I am very much focused on making them happy.

V: It is a lot of fun. There are new girls coming and they hired a trainer to make sure we don’t get injured. I think that the fans will like the way I fight, my determination and my grit. I might not be the most beautiful woman at FCS, but I know that I have qualities that won’t go unnoticed.

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