Camy vs Pamela (Catfight) FCS161

Camy vs Pamela

Pamela today is probably one of the toughest and strongest wrestlers internationally. Her determination and her fighting spirit is second to none and she totally loves dominating her rivals and making them suffer.

We decided to call rough Camilla who had a pretty long break, but she is a boxer and she knows what fighting is all about. Camy is a very powerful woman and she looks in a great shape. Her biceps are impressive and it’s pretty evident that she trained a lot.

They start off with an interesting armwrestling contest. Both women have strong arms but one will clearly win the test.

Time to go for haipulling! The two women lock up and it’s a war. Camy is one of the few girls who can match Pamela physically but the blonde bombshell is feisty as usual and she attacks. They end up fighting on the sofa and there is a lot of hair ripping, with Camy using her nails, pissing off her rival.

They both want to prevail but only one woman will win. There are lots of submissions and the sexy winner, after threatening to kill her for (!!) will totally enjoy posing over the loser, blowing a hot kiss to the camera.

Great fight!

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