Giada vs Shakti FCS63

Giada vs Shakti

What a fight between these two! This was supposed to be a wrestling match but the two women hate each other and they show it indeed! We had quite a few problems in shooting this because the two women went very close to actually beat each other up. Giada is a strong and athletic blonde woman from Italy. She is trained and aggressive and her legs are extremely powerful.

On the other side you have statuesque model Shakti, the ebony wrestler who improved so much. Shakti is tall and very strong and she wants to prove that she can beat more experienced wrestlers.

The result is a grudge match with lots of painful holds and submissions on both sides. Giada is pissed off at Shakti and often complains but the truth is, she did not expect Shakti to be so strong. The blonde Italian must use her skills and great physical endurance to fight back, displaying a lot of determination.

The match must be interrupted because they two women argue about some holds and we had to work to avoid a streetfight, You can clearly hear the two girls insulting each other badly.

100% real as usual!

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