Jenny vs Pamela (Topless Catfight) FCS174

Jenny vs Pamela

There no doubts that Jenny is a tough lady, and she is very brave too as she asked for a rematch against Pamela. In their first match Jenny was destroyed by the powerful and experienced blonde.

However Jenny lost weight and improved her muscles quite a bit. She got some experience and now she is ready to face Pam again. The bombshell from Ukraine is confident as usual and loves to display her body to the camera, but Jenny is eager to fight and the two women immediately go at each others’ hair.

The fight is interesting as Jenny really wants to prove Pamela how tough she is, but Pamela is not willing to let a newbie win and she starts to dish out her punishment. Jenny is resilient and has endurance and the fight becomes very intense. Both women end up topless as they roll on the floor and exchange nasty holds. Jenny tries to use her legs but Pamela traps her in a nasty chinlock, the brunette tries to fight back and get on top but the blonde veteran is always dangerous with her legs.

One woman will be totally destroyed in the end and the winner will do her best to humiliate her. A great catfight that won’t leave you disappointed!

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