Loren vs Ewa FCS17

Ewa vs Loren

This event is a tournament involved three FCS fighters: Camy, Mirta and Ewa and a real guest star: Loren.

Pretty Loren is an experienced session wrestler and she came all the way from the US. Extremely fit, very strong and super smart. Not only Loren has a breathtaking body and a lovely smile, she is a fantastic wrestler! In this fight she faces Ewa who is heavier and tough. Ewa has been wrestling for a few years and she can count on her muscled thighs and on the ability to apply very tight headlocks. Undoubtedly a great challenge for Loren.

Before the match, the two women pose and engage in an armwrestling match.

The match takes place on the ring and it is very interesting. Ewa tries to use her size and uses one of her best holds to trap Loren. But you can tell that Loren is not willing to give up easily. The American beauty fights back and shows a wide range of holds, proving to be a brilliant ground wrestler. Ewa starts to look frustrated but she fights back and often gets into dominant position.

Both women display a great performance but only one of them will celebrate victory, showing off her guns in front of the camera.



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