Melissa vs Pamela (Catfight) FCS102

Melissa vs Pamela

We better be clear, this is an awesome fight. Not only Melissa is powerful and fit, she improved fast and she has a lot of stamina. The pretty brunette doesn’t like Pamela but the blonde wants to continue her streak.

You can tell that this will be a grudge match right from the start, by the way the two women stare at each other. The tussle begins and Melissa and Pamela both clash into each other like two wildcats.

There is a lot of rolling and Melissa tries her best to use her strength. But Pamela is a tough customer and she now has incredible bbj skills. But this fight is well balanced. Melissa proves to be a real fighter she goes all the way against the more experienced blondie. We don’t want to anticipate anything about this fantastic catfight. The hairpulling, the strong scissors, the nasty holds….This video has it all!

Although both women don’t want to submit, there will be submissions and very painful ones. There will be a winner who, as usual, enjoys to pose and smile at the camera. The loser did her best and it is clear that these two will fight again in the near future!

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