Nina vs Pamela (Topless BOXING) FCS113

Pamela vs Nina

Nina is strong but she still has to improve her grappling. She had troubles against our wrestling queen Pamela but this time the challenge is different. Nina practices boxing for quite a few years and she was eager to face Pamela on her territory.

Luscious Pam is not afraid of putting the gloves on and she decides to give it a go. The two women are interviewed before the fight and Nina can’t wait to face her rival. After some very sensual posing, the bout starts and you can immediately tell how Nina moves well and delivers some nice shots.

Pamela goes in and tries to send punches to Nina’s stomach but the taller blonde often rocks her with her nasty right hook. Pam fights back and accept the challenge but Nina’s punches do connect. You can see how Nina is smiling during the match, enjoying the fight as sometimes she seems to limit her power to avoid damaging the blonde beauty.

There is a clear winner in this match who will finally enjoy a great domination. Our very first topless boxing match was great and you should definitely download it!

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