Pamela vs Jenny (Topless Catfight) FCS158

Jenny vs Pamela

Jenny is a rough woman who comes from the ghetto and she had several real catfights. She is not afraid of Pamela and she wants to start her career in FCS beating the number one. Pamela is awesome as usual and she has no fear.

The two women start wearing a miniskirt, heels and a shirt. They start to tease and provoke each other, comparing their muscles and bodies. It is a nice introduction to a tough catfight of course!

Jenny is brave and attacks Pamela but the blonde is an experienced bitchy catfighter and she soon realizes how difficult it is to get the best of the Ukrainian beauty. There is a lot of hairpulling, nasty holds, scissors and headlocks. The tattooed brunette goes all the way but Pamela is a monster catfighter and it’s always great to see how dominant she likes to be.

There are lots of submissions and quite a bit of screaming. One woman will slowly get demolished and the loser will end up completely exhausted. The loser loves to flex and pose over the beaten woman. Great fight!


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