Psyco vs Meelina FCS101

Meelina vs Psyco

Meelina and Psyco are two great candidates to become Female Combat true Stars! Powerful Meelina already had one match and she has been training hard to improve her skills. Her biceps and impressively muscular legs are a lethal weapon but she knows she must improve her technique and learn the finishers.

Psyco is a gorgeous new girl with a fantastic body. She is fit and athletic and, even if this is her first match, she looks eager to tangle with Meelina.

The two women enjoy posing and flexing in front of the camera. They both have hard bodies and it is very hard to predict the end of this match.

When the fight starts, you can immediately tell that it will be intense. Meelina tries to overpower her taller opponent but Psyco is strong and feisty. Gradually one woman will start to dominate and the other one will lose confidence. There are several painful submissions and unfortunately, there will be an annoying injury which forced us to stop the match before the limit.

It is a shame but the match is worth watching because there is a clear winner who will display an amazing performance. The hurt loser is upset but determined to come back on the mats soon.

The match is short but tasty, however, we decided to sell it at a lower price.

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