Ronda vs Meelina FCS103

Meelina vs Ronda

Let’s go straight to the point: this match is a MUST WATCH. Ronda and Meelina are very similar in size and strength. They are both petite but muscular and powerful and they are both eager to show to our fans who the best woman is.

Ronda trained in Muay Thai and Meelina started ju jitsu. Their biceps and fit bodies are impressive and they both know that this will be a war. Meelina improved a lot lately but Ronda is fighting in front of her boyfriend and she wants to win.

Meelina sees Ronda training with weights and she is not impressed as she thinks she can use heavier weights. Ronda doesn’t like that comment and …..the tussle begins.

The match is awesome with several submissions from both sides. Ronda tries to use her strong legs to trap Meelina’s body and neck but Meelina is flexible and tough and she fights back the same way, using her strong thighs to squeeze her rival.

The two beauties test each other body to body. Ronda growls and overpowers Meelina to trap her in some painful holds but then it’s Meelina’s turn to attack Ronda and squeeze her with all her might.

The submission are spectacular and you can clearly hear the women screaming in pain. This is a fantastic wrestling match, aggressive and tough. One woman will finally win thanks to her stamina and motivation and she will enjoy mocking around her exhausted rival.

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