Sascha vs Mila (Catfight) FCS129

Mila vs Sascha

This is a very aggressive fight…a true GRUDGE MATCH. Sascha comes back after quite some time but she is confident as usual. The greek woman comes from the ghetto and she is ready to fight. Mila is Russian and she is not new to catfights. The blonde woman has an evil smile depicted on her face and her biceps are threatening.

After some posing, the two women armwrestle and you will already be able to tell that these two don’t like each other.

As soon as they step on the ring the tension is high. Sascha tries to attack but Mila is strong and aggressive. The result is a nasty catfight with lots of illegal holds. The greek chick decides to use her fists and puts up a guarding stance but Mila is not afraid. There are several and pretty painful submissions. Sascha terribly wants to win and Mila is just as nasty as her.

The fight will end abruptly after another illegal move which will result in an injury of one of the contestants who will have to submit and run away in tears.

This is a fantastic real and pretty violent catfight that won’t disappoint you…

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