Shakti vs Marty and Raven FCS22

Shakti vs Raven

Shakti, the ebony beauty, is annoyed because she got a cut on her lips (you can see she has some cream on it) and can’t wait to fight. She faces pretty Raven who is confident but she is much lighter than her.

Raven is brave but Shakti is far too strong for her and the brunette takes a lot of punishment. Blonde dancer Marty is a good friend of Raven and she jumps in to help her friend.

The two women team up against tall Shakti and try to pin her down but Shakti has strong and long legs and the match becomes increasingly interesting. It is a wonderful 2 vs 1 where a great athlete like Shakti must handle two opponents at the same time.

Do you think that Raven and Marty together can actually get Shakti into a submission or is the black woman able to get them both? This video is perfect for those who like to see newbies doing her best and handicap match. It is also a typical black vs white match and the final result is certainly not so easy to predict.

Just sit back, relax and watch this video!

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