Tiger vs Camilla FCS32 (the rematch)

Tiger vs Camy
After the first catfight between the two girls, the loser asked us to organize the revenge.
Obviously we were happy to accept and this time we asked the girls to wear sexy lingerie to show off their beautiful and sexy bodies.
As soon as the two fighters arrived at the gym, you could feel the tension in the air: one girl immediately started to provoke the other, and this went along all the match especially with one girl pissing off the other (the dialogue is in Italian but you can appreciate the conversation with subtitles).
When the girls enter the ring, the way they look at each other is priceless…. real catfight fans will appreciate it.
There will be an arm wrestling match before the match but that is nothing compared what happens afterwords.
When the fight starts, both girls immediately go to the hair. Hair-pulling and aggression is higher than in the first match. The fight is very even and both girls will win at least a submission. Both girls literally rip each other hair off, and you can see it on the ground between each fall. This is just an outstanding catfight for hair pulling lovers. At the end the winner poses on top of the angry and exhausted loser
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