The real taste of women wrestling, the FCS project is launched!

We simply wanted to do it better. We have analyzed the female fighting fans community and studied this topic for quite some time. There are quite a few wrestling companies out there. Some of them lasted for a long time, some others closed down after a few years.

There are lots of different concepts but we wanted to focus on the essentials: real competition!

We formed an alliance with people who have been part of this community and started to recruit reliable and athletic women who actually appreciated the competitive side of this job.

We made sure that there was enthusiasm and explained the Female Combat Stars project in detail.

After a few months of preparation, we formed a nice group of ladies who simply love wrestling. We work in many different locations and try to ensure fun matches, delivering an affordable product with excellent quality.

We enjoyed building the first videos and we do think we did a great job but we are not there yet.


We are working to make the ladies comfortable and, above all, to make sure they know how to wrestle.

All of them practiced sports, some of them have previous experience in combat sports, but we hired a professional trainer to teach them the submission wrestling techniques. The outcome was great. Despite some of the girls still don’t know all the finishing holds, the competition was there and the fights were fun to watch.

We started off with straight submission wrestling as well as some armwrestling but we do plan to extend our work to catfighting and some other form of combat to satisfy a wider audience. It will soon be possible to wrestle some of our girls, even though we will be selective and make sure that things run smooth.


We are really excited to have finally launched Female Combat Stars and we hope that you will enjoy what we do as much as us.

We will be listening to your suggestions and we know there is a lot to improve. But we will do our best to deliver a unique product and become a leading company in the female wrestling world!



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