Rivaly between women: Tyger doesn’t like friendship

Tyger is a red head and her personality is undoubtedly very strong. She came to train the new girls but she kept the distance and wanted to stress her experience and fighting background right from the start.

It was funny to see how the girls immediately disliked her and Tyger seemed to love it. She did teach them a few holds or moves but it was evident that she wanted to keep a few secrets for herself.

Tyger is strong and well trained. She has practiced muay thai and she loves to win. She is a natural competitor and she likes to square her opponent up and down before going for it.

She did not want to be friendly and the other girls perceived it and were kind of frightened. Her strategy was very interesting and it worked.

It must be said that Tyger has quite a long experience in wrestling and she has a very good knowledge of the moves and the holds that can finish her opponent off. Despite she knew she was fighting less experienced women, she wanted to use her skills and win in a very clear way.

Mind you, despite her strength and skills, Tyger has been defeated in the past but she has no fear and the has an outstanding capability to stay focus during a match. If her opponent makes a mistake, she is ready to punish her.

We hired her at Female Combat Stars because she is always great fun to watch. She knows the tricks, just like when she forced her opponent to scream using a hold that nobody knew: the full nelson to the neck. She cranked up pressure to hear her opponent yelping and she did not hide her vicious smile.


In another match, her opponent was physically strong and able to pin her. However Tyger showed off her real fighting spirit and applied nasty holds which turned out to be very successful.

Tyger likes to pose on her beaten for. The other girls might not like her but you will. If you like to see authentic womens rivalry, she is number one!


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