Ronda vs Bianca (Catfight) FCS144

Bianca vs Ronda

We all know Bianca and Ronda, who already had an amazing catfight in the past. They are both very fit and muscular but incredibly hot. Bianca is taller and heavier but Ronda is a true fighter and she is eager to pull her rival’s hair.

The two women stretch and show off their awesome bodies. It is hot and they are going to fight under the sun. There is a special thing in this video, the two women always start to fight pressing their forehead against each other and then grab each other’s hair!

As usual, the fight is very physical. There is a lot of rollers as both women try to pull each other’s locks. As time gets by, the fight becomes nastier as Ronda and Bianca try to headlock and scissor one another.

Once on the floor, Bianca gains the upper hand and works over Ronda’s strong body pretty badly. But Ronda hates to give up and tries her best to fight back. Bianca loves to use her powerful thighs but Ronda is feisty and tries to use her skills to put Bianca down.

There are lots of submissions in this match and in the end, the winner will enjoy sitting on her defeated opponent’s chest and display her guns. A great video featuring two amazing fighters…


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