Blue vs Nasty FCS217

Nasty and Blue meet again for a rematch. Nasty has never been so determined. At the beginning of the match, she teases Blue as, in her opinion, she can’t kick and punch. Nasty is a kickboxer and she surely has more style, but it’s just an excuse to wrestle her rival.

Nasty is a very strong woman, this 20 years old Ethiopian/Brazilian beauty is muscular and smart and she immediately attacks Blue. However, Blue is athletic and has an amazing endurance. She proved she can fight in her previous match and the two girls go body to body to subdue each other. Nasty this time tries to leverage on her weight and raw strength, but Blue is not a pushover and tries to clamp her strong legs around her foe’s midsection. This match is steamy and very close, there are submissions on both sides. However, as usual, one woman will finally prevail and celebrate her victory!


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