Ewa vs Bianca FCS137

Bianca vs Ewa

It was great to have Ewa coming back to FCS. The powerful Polish horse rider has been away for a year but she is still in great shape and eager to prove how tough she is.

We put Ewa against strong Bianca. The Italian brunette is experienced and extremely fit, a perfect match for Ewa!

As usual, before the match, the two women stretch and flex. They both look confident and it is not easy to predict the result of this match. As soon as the ref signals the start of the match, the two wrestlers go for a tough reciprocal headlock. They are both strong and they struggle to outmuscle each other. Once on the mats, Ewa tries to use her weight and strong arms but Bianca is quick and probably better trained. Bianca’s conditioning is fantastic and Ewa realizes she is fighting a very tough woman.

The eastern european beauty does her best to subdue the fitness queen but Bianca is aggressive and determined to teach Ewa a lesson. The match is very physical and both women show their skills and fighting spirit. But in the end, one woman will clearly win the match and place her foot on her exhausted rival’s face.

There are several submissions in this match and it will be evident that a rematch will happen very soon!

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