Claudia vs Lexy FCS145

Claudia vs Lexi

It’s an extremely hot day but these two newbies are not afraid to fight outdoor. We just three a few towels on the floor and that’s it….

Claudia is a Cuban hot babe who already prove to have a natural talent for grappling. She is slim but stronger than she looks and today she wants to prove it. Anglo/Italian babe Lexi is a dancer and she does have strong legs. They are both relatively unskilled but they do want to get better and this is a good chance for both of them.

The heat is really bad and the two women had to struggle but they went for it…

Claudia is very good to get on top and pin Lexi down but the gorgeous teenager made progress and she is always dangerous with her flexible legs. There is quite a bit of grappling and rollers but both women do manage to apply some nice holds. Fighting with 40° is not easy and you can tell but the match is good fun.

Slowly one woman will get outlasted and her opponent will be able to score a few nice points. They end up totally exhausted but there will be a winner mocking around a very upset loser, forcing her to kiss her bicep.

Just enjoy..

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