Giada vs Tiger FCS46

Tiger vs Giada

Giada is a beautiful fitness model and she is actually very strong, probably stronger than Tiger from a physical point of view. However we all know Tiger, she is skilled and vicious and she loves to make newbies submit.

It is a challenge for Giada who is having her first match for Female Combat Stars. However, Giada had previous fighting experience and you can tell!

Tiger immediately understands that she is facing a strong woman with an impressive stamina and decides to use her best weapons: her legs! Giada endures a lot of punishment as she is caught in a few excruciating scissors but she has the strength to power out and she often does. It is so cool to see Giada struggling and suddenly roaring back at Tiger.

In the end, there will be a tired winner posing on a sore looser. This is an extremely well fought wrestling match with a hot physical battle. It is Giada’s very first match as a FCS fighter and in the you will be to see that she has a lot of fighting talent!


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