Julia vs Cloè FCS106

Julia vs Cloe

Fit newbie Cloè is just beautiful but she always has a vicious smile on her pretty face. She is strong and determined to improve fast and despite her limited experience, it is not hard to spot her enormous potential. In this match she is facing sexy Julia who has more experience but she is smaller and lighter.

Julia is much stronger than a lot of people think, especially her upper body. She suffers bigger women but she doesn’t like to be defeated by newbies and in this match she does look pretty determined. The pretty babe is one of the best in defense but when she decides to attack, she can be dangerous.

Cloè starts strong and headlocks Julia to drag her down. The blonde bombshell is trapped and squeezed but as usual, she has a lot of stamina and body strength and she knows how to escape. Julia fights back and often gets on top of Cloè but the chick from Romania is tough and tries to use her longer legs.

The match gets physical and intense but in the end one woman will prevail. The loser is visibly annoyed and can’t wait to have a rematch as the winner enjoys posing and smiling at the camera. Go for it!

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