Megan vs Xenia FCS182

Megan vs Xenia

Two fantastic new girls face each other and make their debut for Female Combat Stars. They have been both trained by Nikita and they are certainly ambitious and promising.

Xenia has judo and MMA experience, before the match she explains that she prefers using her fists and she looks very confident. She looks very athletic and eager to fight. Megan is just as confident and shows no fear. Despite her baby face, this brunette is fit and determined to win.

After some posing, the two women lock up hard. Megan is pretty strong and gets on top but Xenia knows how to use her long legs and traps her rival in her vicious thighs. Megan is tenacious and fights back and the match becomes more and more competitive. Megan complains because Xenia used her nails and charges forward to take Xenia down, but the MMA fighter looks reactive and tries to control her angered opponent.

None of these two are willing to give up, but there will be a few submission and a proud winner. The loser is visibly unhappy and immediately asks for a rematch!

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