Mirta vs Joanna FCS180 (Unedited)

This is a match produced a few years ago which was never posted on Female Combat Stars. Joanna is a real athlete (400 hurdles) and her body is impressive. She is incredibly strong and determined but she must face a tough rival like Mirta.

Mirta is strong but her experience was limited back then. The two women put their biceps on display and they test each other in a nice armwrestling match.

They start grappling and you can see the power of Joanna who drags down Mirta to dish out some punishment. Mirta is a true fighter and tries to fight back, using her stamina. Joanna not only has strong legs, she is smart and applies some vicious choke holds.

There are quite a few submissions and, despite the quality of the video is not awesome, this is a very nice fight.

The winner will pose on a very tired and annoyed loser and, considering the price, this tussle won’t disappoint you!


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