Nina vs Claudia FCS126

Claudia vs Nina

We must advise our customers that this video has a little problem: we had troubles with the camera and the last two minutes were filmed with a mobile phone so the quality is not perfect.

However you can watch the whole match and to make up for this quality problem, we lowered the price.

This is good value for money because this match is great!

Nina always faced experienced and strong women but this time we organized a match with a newbie. Claudia comes from Cuba, she is pretty and very smart and she was very impressive during the training sessions. However Nina is heavier and she is determined to prove that she is much better than people think if she faces less experienced women!

Nina should be more evil and this time she wants to win. However Claudia is feisty and pretty fast. The match is very nice as these two really exchange headlocks and scissors. There are some nice holds when Nina climbs on Claudia’s back and goes for a chicken wings hold or when Claudia tries to attack Nina’s neck.

As we said, the last two minutes of this match has a lower quality and size but the fight is good and there will be a winner posing and humiliating a very tired loser.

They both performed great and this match is worth the price despite the quality issue!

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