Alyssa vs Tiger FCS42

This is one of the fights everyone was expecting: our Catfight queen Tiger faces Judo champion and sexy model Alyssa.
Alyssa has an advantage in weight, while Tiger compensates with aggressiveness and viciousness….
The two girls are incredibly sexy in their bikinis, and you can feel the tension between the two from the interviews. The fight is very hard, both girls are experienced and know how to fight, each one does not want to submit to the rival and the outcome is very close.
After some posing there is an interesting armwrestling match and it’s time to battle on the ring. Alyssa’s powerful headlocks against Tiger’s terrible scissors.

Both women are skilled and they study each other before going down onto the mats. The grappling is amazing and Alyssa shows her body power while Tiger displays her flexibility and endurance.
There will be submissions and one woman will sit on the loser’s face, showing off her biceps.

However, the loser asks for immediate revenge and we can’t wait to schedule a rematch between these two hot chicks.
A new outstanding rivalry is born!!


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