Ronda vs Lady (Topless) FCS189

Lady vs Ronda

You can tell that these two hate each other in the initial interview. Lady is in great shape and looks very sexy in her black dress. She admitted she lost to Ronda the first time they fought but she is determined to get her revenge and she looks confident. Muscular Ronda is a well trained fitness queen who always gives it all and she is 100% sure she is going to win.

They start grabbing each other in a pretty hard lock up, Lady is tenacious as Ronda tries to take her down but can’t. When they end up on the mats, Lady tries to use her skills and apply her scissors. Ronda is a power bomb and resist fighting back and trapping Lady under her. They exchange great scissors and headlocks and the match is well fought, with Giada and Nikita supporting their friends.

Ronda uses her superior strength and stamina, but Lady has endurance and always comes back at her opponent. However, one woman will finally prevail with the loser getting hurt. There will be one great winner posing and flexing on a very annoyed loser.

This is a great production shot in a very hot gym which makes the two beauties’ bodies shining in sweat…

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