Tiger vs Lexi & Julia FCS100

Tiger vs Lexi

Two beautiful blondes against a strong redhead. Julia and Lexi form a Duo in the disco. Lexi is light but she is not afraid of fighting and her dancing background made her legs strong and toned. Julia is petite but strong and she has experience.

The redhead is Tiger, powerful, evil and with a long fighting experience. Clearly Tiger is heavier than Lexi and Julia and in a one vs one match, she would most probably defeat Julia and Lexi. However, we decided to organize a 2 vs 1 match to see what happens.

As soon as the match starts, Julia and Lexi attack Tiger to force her down. Lexi is brave but she has little experience and she often gets trapped by Tiger. Julia helps her partner and tries to apply some nasty hold. Tiger is smart and knows how to keep the two girls under control. There will be several submissions which make this 2 vs 1 very interesting.

Lexi and Julia try to pin Tiger to wear her down and they often succeed but Tiger is fast to wrap her strong legs around her opponents. It is so cool to see three bodies entangled in this exciting match….give it a go!

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