Anaconda vs Nikita FCS209

Anaconda and Nikita meet again. In their first match the Brazilian hottie was totally destroyed by the strong veteran, but Anaconda is brave and that’s what we like about her.

The two brunettes wrestle topless in a steamy match. Nikita is a bit tired and Anaconda tries to take advantage of it. After a strong lock up, Anaconda tries her best to use her legs and apply what she learnt during her training sessions. Nikita has powerful thighs and knows how to squeeze her opponent and put her into excruciating holds. Anaconda always goes back at Nikita who is pinned down and caught in some holds. However, we all know Nikita, she doesn’t like to be down and when she roars back, Anaconda is in troubles.

The match is enjoyable, especially because there are many points scored by both women. In the end, the winner will finally smile at her fans and show off her guns!


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