Blue vs Greta FCS225

A classic inter-racial fight featuring young but strong Blue and the blonde tattooed beauty Greta.

Greta is strong and works out a lot and, as usual, she steps on the mats showing confidence. The ebony girl from Senegal is always quite cold but we all had the possibility to see how tough and combative she is.

Greta is immediately surprised by a very solid body scissors and screams her submission after a few seconds. Blue is not a joke but the blonde tries to fight back immediately, using her strength and her own neck holds. The fight is steamy and there are a lot of points scored by both women, including pin counts but most of them are wrestling holds.

One woman will prove to have way more stamina and strength and her victory will be pretty clear and indisputable. Lots of yelling and screaming, lots of rollers and several nice looking holds such as back breaker, thigh scissors, headlocks and body scissors!


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