Ewa vs Joanna FCS123

This match was filmed a few years ago in the summer. Ewa is a powerful blonde horse rider from Poland and Joanna is a very strong runner with a very fit body. They were both trained in wrestling and had several matches where they proved to be very competitive.

After some posing there is an interesting armwrestling match, and you can immediately notice how both women are determined to win. The match is very enjoyable as they roll on the grass looking to submit each other.

Joanna is aggressive and her legs are long and strong but Ewa is tough and she knows how to grapple. The duel is intense and very physical. Joanna tries to trap Ewa and eventually succeeds but the blonde is not easy to handle and very tough when she manages to wrap her thighs around Joanna’s muscular abs.

We don’t want to reveal too much about this match but there will be several submissions and a clear winner. The loser will lie down, watching her rival’s toned biceps, exhausted and annoyed…

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