Julia vs Claudia (Topless) FCS127

Julia vs Claudia

This match is just great! Claudia is a sexy newbie from Cuba and during her training sessions, she proved to be a fast learner. She is light but stronger than she looks and she knows how to use her body. Julia has more experience and despite she is petite, she is strong and she loves to beat new girls.

The two women wrestle topless and we allow pins (counting up to 10) as well as submissions. As soon as the match starts, the two women start to roll on the mats, trying to subdue each other. Julia tries to use her skills but Claudia is talented and she manages to get on top. It is always fantastic to see Julia’s body struggling and Claudia is very hot too.

The match soon becomes a true battle. Julia wants to put the new girl to her place but Claudia is tough and she is adorable as she wrestles chewing her gum. This match is incredibly sensual but very competitive. One woman will score several points and the pins are absolutely awesome. There will be a clear winner enjoying posing and teasing a very upset loser.

This is just a great video, go for it!

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