Julia vs Ronda FCS83

Julia vs Ronda

This is absolutely a top fight. Ronda and Julia do not like each other as you might be able to see in their first match. Ronda is very competitive and she is incredibly strong for her size. Julia usually gives her best when she doesn’t like her opponent and today she is determined to teach the brunette a lesson.

There is an brief interview at the beginning of the match where the two fit women square at each other and then…it’s a tussle.

Both of them clearly want to win and the fight is physical and very close with a lot of rollers and several holds. Ronda tries to use her powerful thighs to trap Julia but the blonde beauty is hard to catch and she fights back, trying to apply her headlocks.

It’s great to see these two hotties struggling body to body. As the match goes on, one woman will slowly start to prevail until a dramatic submission ends the match. A very satisfied winner will pose and flex her guns over the upset loser but it is clear that this rivalry is far from over.

There will be a great armwrestling match which will confirm how strong both women are. This is a must watch!

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