Loren vs Mirta FCS16

Loren vs Mirta

Mirta has confirmed to be one of our most talented wrestlers. She has the fighting spirit and she is always focused on defeating her opponents. The brunette has a powerful upper body due to her boxing training, she has endurance and she is also extremely quick to trap her foes with her lethal scissors.

We put her against a veteran of women wrestling: the gorgeous American blonde  bombshell Loren Blaine. Loren is strong and fit and she loves to fight body to body. Her grappling skills are impressive and she just knows how to be tough and sexy at the same time.

The two women show off their toned biceps and start with an armwrestling match. After that, it is a very steamy battle where the two women exchange several holds and scissors. It is even but yes, there will be a winner in the end. Loren makes it immediately clear that she wants to win and Mirta’s expression when she gets caught in her scissors will make you understand that Loren knows how to squeeze. However the Italian tough woman fights back and overwhelms Loren applying some brutal scissors herself.

There will be submissions but one woman will triumph and pose over the loser. If you like physical tussles this video is simply great!

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