Nayla vs Miriam FCS36

It’s Miriam very first match and Nayla is determined to win. Tall Miriam (she is 1,76cm) did train but she is clearly still unexperienced. On the contrary Nayla already had several matches and she knows how to grapple. Miriam seems a bit unsecure and Nayla tries to take advantage of it.

Surprisingly, as the match goes on, Miriam’s face changes expression and she starts to attack. Nayla is surprised by Miriam’s stamina and the Cuban woman gets pinned.

The end of this match is unexpected but the winner will finally smile and pose on the loser.

If you like to see a newbie fighting for the first time you should enjoy this match. Since one woman is still unskilled, we decided to lower the price and make it more competitive. Just enjoy!


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