Nikita vs Cleopatra (Topless) FCS135

Cleopatra vs Nikita

Cleopatra is undoubtedly strong. Her body is well built despite her size and she feels confident when she learns that her new opponent will be Nikita. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know Nikita! The woman from Romania is fit and provided with incredible stamina. She proved to be very tough and she hates losing, especially to newbies.

The two women pose in front of the camera. Cleopatra’s biceps are impressive but Nikita is also in great shape and she wants to fight topless. The match starts as a wrestling contest but it soon turns into a catfight as Nikita likes to pull hair. The two chicks roll around on the floor and Cleopatra is soon surprised by Nikita’s strength and capability to use her strong legs.

Nikita is always determined to win but Cleopatra doesn’t want to lose to a younger woman and she tries her best to stay on top. Not so easy with Nikita who wraps her legs around her body whenever she can. Cleopatra is forced to defend as Nikita displays her improvements, particularly because her boyfriend is watching the match.

The match is fast paced with very few pauses and the number of submissions is significant. Finally one woman will celebrate a great and well deserved victory, placing her foot on the loser’s chest. Another great production that won’t leave you disappointed!

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