Pamela vs Bianca (Catfight) FCS142

Bianca vs Pamela

Pamela and Bianca don’t like each other and the Italian brunette is so determined to beat one of the strongest women in our roster. Once again the two strong ladies fight topless. They both look awesome as they display their muscles. Bianca is very fit and well defined but the beauty from Ukrain is powerful and dangerous.

We decided to set special rules. The two women can pull hair and use all their weapons but submission must occur with a thigh scissor. This is a great chance for them to prove who has stronger legs.

The match is great and couldn’t be otherwise. Bianca shows her determination as she tries to pin and trap Pamela’s thighs with her legs but Pam is fiesty and fights back. Lots of hairpulling and rollers and quite a few submissions!

Pam likes to attack and subdue her opponent quickly but Bianca knows how to wait and suddenly reacts to punish her foe. Both chicks do have trained legs and it will be cool to find out if Bianca can finally overwhelm the blonde or not.

Only one way to find out!

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