Nina vs Ronda (Catfight) FCS88

Nina vs Ronda

This might look like an uneven challenge as Nina is 1,77 tall and Ronda is only 1,64 and much lighter. However we all know how powerful and fit Ronda is and she was so keen to go for her first catfight. Nina is a big and beautiful blonde and she has previous boxing experience but she is new to wrestling and she still must learn a few tricks.

Both women are happy to pull hair and Nina feels confident as she is evidently bigger and heavier. The match is incredibly intense!

Both women pull each other hair and roll on the floor, looking to get a submission. Ronda proves to be incredibly strong and aggressive, showing great stamina. Nina is pinned by the smaller woman but roars back and tries to turn the tables.

A catfight is very different from a standard wrestling match and you can tell, as the fight becomes increasingly tough. There are several submissions in this fight and a fantastic end, with a proud winner placing her foot on her opponent’s chest.

There will be an interesting and suprising armwrestling match too and in the end, we all got the feeling that these two women will fight again soon.

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