Pamela (Topless) vs Ronda – Catfight FCS91

Pamela vs Ronda

Gorgeous Russian babe Pamela improved a lot after taking BBJ training sessions. This catfight took place at our second Female Combat Stars event and Pam decided to fight topless with muscular beauty Ronda.

Ronda is absolutely stunning in her bikini and her muscles are threatening. We all know how this brunette is tenacious and we thought this match could be really even.

After posing for the cameras, the two women attack each other and there is a lot of hairpulling. It is a physical fight and both women are powerful. Ronda, as usual, gives it all but Pamela displays her techniques with some incredible scissors. Ronda fights back thanks to her stamina, trying to trap the blonde and get her in trouble. They are both in great shape and the match is just superb!

There are quite a few submissions and as usual, the winner will love posing and making her biceps bulge for the enthusiastic crowd.

This fight is top and missing it would be a real shame!

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