Nikita vs Giulia Start FCS164

Giulia Start vs Nikita

There is a really cool story behind this match. Giulia Start is a Russian 23 years old who lives in Rome and she had the possibility to watch a few matches. She showed interested but she wanted to see first. Suddenly, after watching Nikita in action, she decided to go for it. Something happened and, even though it was not expected, she took her clothes off and stepped on the ring.

We loved her braveness and Nikita was pretty eager to punish her. But Giulia Start had no fear as she immediately locks tight with her fit and tough rival.

The match is cool. Nikita improved a lot and she is a natural athlete with strong arms and legs. She is not very dangerous but Giulia Start is strong and, just like all Russians, she really goes for it.

There are several scissors and hard locks as these two fight on the mats. Nikita always smiling as she uses her strong thighs to squeeze her opponent, but Giulia Start does not complain and keeps trying hard.

One woman will end up punished pretty badly and the winner will love to humiliate the loser in front of the camera…



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