Nikita vs Ronda (Topless) FCS117

Nikita vs Ronda

This is another fantastic topless match between two fit women who never faced each other before. Nikita is a great athlete and she is improving very fast. Her legs squeeze hard and she never steps back. We all know Ronda, the muscular brunette is tough and aggressive.

The two women are eager to attack each other as they both start topless. Ronda feels confident as she has more experience but Nikita is actually a fast learner and she proved it.

You can see that both women are determined as they lock up. Once on the mats, Ronda tries to gain a dominant position but Nikita shows her talent using her legs perfectly! Ronda strong body gets trapped and squeezed hard by Nikita’s thighs but the petite power-bomb fights back. Ronda tries to stay on top but she gets outmuscled and immobilized. You can see Ronda’s frustration as she realizes that Nikita is damn strong. But Ronda is not used to submit easily and she has an incredible stamina, enough to surprise Nikita? Maybe…maybe not.

There will be a very happy winner who will do a very sexy victory posed on the loser’s defeated body…

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