Bianca vs Victoria FCS119 (Catfight)

This catfight stems from a 100% true story which makes the video even more juicy, a true dream for every catfights’ fan!
Victoria works as a hostess for a major airline and a couple of years ago she used to go to the same gym where Bianca trains, along with her boyfriend. Bianca started flirting with this guy and finally stole him from Victoria, obviously pissing her off big time!
We we learnt this story, we did all we could to organize this catfight. A grudge match due to a love rivalry.
We interview Victoria before the match. She is big and strong but she is nervous because she knows that Bianca is a trained fighter. However Victoria has been in catfights before and she is visibly taller and heavier than Bianca.
Bianca is also a bit nervous but that doesn’t mean she is scared at all!
Victoria attacks right from the start. There is some hard hairpulling and Bianca gets overwhelmed by her strong rival. At some point, some blood drops from her nose and that’s when Bianca fights back. Victoria is caught is a few terrific scissors and we all know that Bianca has very strong legs. Both women are so feisty and there will be some painful submissions.
There will be a winner who can finally celebrate, but not so much due to the tension. The loser is so upset but we will make sure that this story continues….


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