Bianca vs Ronda FCS118 (Catfight)

This is a spectacular catfight between two strong and fit women. Pamela is our special referee but hairpulling is allowed and there aren’t many rules in this fight. Bianca is a strong and proven catfighter. Her muscular body is hot and fans know that she very hardly gives up. Ronda is lighter but she is a power bomb and she is always aggressive.

The fight is so hard and well fought from both sides. The two women rip each other’s hair and engage in a fantastic body vs body tussle. Ronda wants to win and she is often on top, trapping Bianca with her strong thighs. Bianca knows how to stand pain and always fights back, suddenly wrapping up her smaller foe to squeeze her really hard.

Both women are determined to win and they are incredibly tenacious. Ronda is fast and fights like a lioness but Bianca is an incredible athlete with an extraordinary endurance and when she attacks…she knows how to hurt.

There are several submissions in this match and one woman will end up beaten. The winner finally smiling as she poses and flexes on her rival’s beaten body.

There will be a hot armwrestling match at the end. This is to be considered another step forward in our productions!


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