Nina vs Tiger FCS93

Nina vs Tiger

Nina is a powerful woman with a boxing background, she is tall and feisty but she still has a lot to learn in fighting on the mats. This is her first catfight and she happened to face our top catfighter Tiger. We all know how Tiger loves to hurt newbies but Nina is a big girl and she can take pain.

This match is extremely interesting because you can see Nina’s potentials. Tiger must use all her skills to take her down and apply her vicious scissors but Nina tries hard to fight back and she often does.

It’s great to see beautiful Nina struggling as she gets trapped in some painful holds. On the other hand, you can tell how Tiger gives it all to subdue the bigger girl, using nasty chin locks and brutal headscissors. Nina tries to react, using her body power to pin the redhead and she does prove to have a fighting spirit which can soon take her very far.

One woman will end up defeated after several submissions, totally drained and exhausted with the winner smiling to the camera and showing off her toned guns.

Another fantastic bout which won’t disappoint you from our second Female Combat Stars’ event!!

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