Pamela vs Bianca (Topless Catfight) FCS136

Bianca vs Pamela

Luscious Pamela kept improving and she is now one of the best wrestler and catfighter in FCS. She has strength and impressive skills and she loves to squeeze and hurt her opponents. This time she is facing another strong and tough experienced woman: Bianca!

Pam is keen to prove to all our fans that she is currently the top fighter but Bianca is fit and aggressive. The two women peel off their vest and display their perfect bodies. Both fighters look beautiful as they flex wearing stockings with no top on.

The match starts and both women immediately lock and start pulling each other’s hair. Bianca is surprised by Pamela’s physical power and she is head-locked pretty hard but she hates submitting and she does all she can to turn the tables. Eventually Bianca fights back but Pam is fast and extremely dangerous with her strong legs.

The muscular brunette struggles to counter and eventually gets on top but Pam is not easy to trap. The fight is intense and close. You can just feel the heat of the fight as both chicks roll and try to trap each other.

Yes, there are some painful submissions and a winner! The loser gets her wrists tied in knots and face sat on but she is not happy at all and she challenges her punisher to a rematch.

This is a first class catfight between two well trained and strong fighters. Probably one of the best we ever produced…don’t miss it!

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