Greta vs Nina FCS223

These two don’t like each other and it is pretty evident in this video. The loser of the previous encounter really wanted a rematch and she is very determined to win. The two women swear at each other for the entire duration of the fight and it was simply impossible to translate what they say. Nina trained and you can tell, as she immediately attacks Greta and pins her down. Greta seems surprised but reacts immediately and the match turns into a catfight, with hairpulling, slapping, belly punches and a lot of thighs scissors!

The two beauties are equal in size and strength and the match is pretty well balanced, but one woman finally get the edge and manages to snatch a great win. This will be a long rivalry and we can anticipate that the two women are determined to prove who has stronger thighs…watch this video because there will be a new episode!


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