Mel vs Pamela (Catfight) FCS99

Melanie vs Pamela

Melanie is back after a break and she looks fantastic. She built up her body and she is incredibly fit and sexy. This brunette loves catfights and she is pretty strong, so we decided to put her in front of Pamela.

The Russian beauty improved so much and she is confident she can break her nasty rival. If you followed Pamela’s improvements, you might know that she can be very dominant and humiliate her foes.

Melanie is not worried at all and as soon as the fight starts, she goes for Pam’s hair. Mel is a nasty woman and she wants to prove  she can beat the blonde hottie. Pamela uses her techniques but she is not afraid to pull hair and there is quite a bit of body to body and rollers. The two women fight hard for supremacy and the match turns pretty violent.

Melanie is often surprised by the power of Pamela’s thighs as the blonde drags her head in her headscissors but Mel is scrappy and she tries to fight back with dirty techniques.

The two women beat each other up but one of them will clearly prevail. The loser will end up punished and stilled in defeat after several submissions, but it is clear that there will be a rematch!

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