Pamela vs Tiger (Epic Catfight) FCS150

Pamela vs Tiger

Tiger, our catfighting queen is back! The red beauty had a break but she has a lot of fighting experience and she is confident as usual. It’s been a few years since she last faced Pamela and she learnt about the incredible progress made by the blonde bombshell from Ukraine. Tiger used to beat Pamela but now things might be different. Pamela gained muscles and skills and this catfight is extremely interesting.

After comparing their biceps it’s immediately hairpulling. Tiger is a master of hairpulling but she immediately realizes how Pamela got stronger. Once on the floor Tiger is outmuscled and Pamela is immediately all over her. But Tiger is not a woman who likes to submits and she immediately tries to fight back, using her claws and trying her best to use her legs.

It’ a war! Both women don’t want to submit but one of them will gain control. There will be some painful holds, nasty hairpulling and powerful scissors!

The end is incredible and a real surprise. We really don’t want to spoil the conclusion of this wonderful bout so…just watch it!


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