Nikita vs Megan Catfight FCS184

Megan vs Nikita

There is a cool story behind this match. Megan is a pretty and feisty woman and she is clearly competitive. She did prove to be combative and we decided to assign Nikita as her trainer. Nikita is usually nice when she doesn’t fight and she was nice to her during the training session. Megan is a perfectionist and followed her advices but she made one mistake, she squeezed too hard Nikita during a demonstration.

Nikita complained and Megan told her that she wouldn’t have any problems in fighting her. We organized the match and you can tell how Nikita turns into an evil bitch. Megan is not scared but Nikita is soon all over her. The pretty newbie has endurance but she is forced to taste Nikita’s powerful scissors. She then tries to pull her and slap but Nikita overpowers her and teaches her a lesson.

But this match is cool because Megan always tries to fight back and resist to her tough rival’s attacks.

A wonderful match between two brunettes that won’t leave you disappointed!

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