Lara vs Pamela (IFW vs FCS epic fight) FCS138

What a fabulous match! Pamela goes all the way to IFW to face one of the strongest and toughest Italian fighthers: Lara!

This catfight is absolutely fantastic. Blonde Pamela represents Female Combat Stars and she is determined to dish out a lesson to arrogant beauty Lara. However Lara not only she is gorgeous, she is mean and skilled and we all know that she hates to give up.

Before the match there is a pretty long interview which makes the video more interesting. Pam is confident as usual and she is pretty sure she will handle her muscular rival. Lara is just as determined and very curious to fight her equally famous counterpart.

They immediately lock up and pull each other’s hair. Once on the floor, Pamela gets the upper hand and does trap Lara in some very painful holds. Lara is used to stand pain and she shows an amazing resistance. Most women would submit to Pam’s vicious holds. But Lara is resilient and has a true fighting spirit and she finally fights back, putting Pam in some very strong headlocks.

This fight is very intense and steamy. Both women want to win badly and you can tell that by the way they use all her strenghts to subdue each other. One woman will dominate most of the fight but the end is pretty surprising and unexpected.

There are a few painful submissions on both sides and finally one woman will celebrate her incredible win over a very annoyed loser. This time the loser is not very happy with the disappointing result and it’s pretty clear that this rivalry is real and far from over!

Just download it, you won’t regret this 40 minutes long battle!





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