Tokio vs Greta FCS226

Brazilian beauty Tokio is strong and, being a kickboxer, she knows what fighting is. Even if her wrestling experience is limited, she has the right combat spirit. Her opponent is cocky blonde Greta, who is determined to prove she is the best woman.

The two women are even in weight but Greta is a bit taller. The immediately go body to body and Greta is suprised by her rival’s strength as she gets pinned hard. Tokio can use her weight and take advantage of her strength but Greta is fit and slowly comes back, applying some great holds and pinning the brunette just as hard. Tokio reacts and the fight becomes even and well balanced.

In the end, one woman will demonstrate to have more stamina and will finally win, leaving her beaten foe exhausted and pissed off. Enjoyable and unpredictable until the end!


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